Tears to Tiara 1x1

Demon King Resurrection

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Late night at the Gael village in Erin Island, an army of imperial soldiers under the command of the Priest Drwc invade the village only to find it empty except for the Gael Priestess Riannon. Despite her explanation that all of the villagers went hunting, Drwc threatens to have her torture until he realizes that she is the descendant of the Elf King Pwyll as he plans to use her as a living sacrifice to revive the Demon Lord Arawn so he may use his powers to rule the world. Riannon refuse to let that happen and tries to kill herself but is force to surrender when Drwc men captured two Gael children. He plans to have them killed unless she cooperates. She put under his mind control spell after she reveals her true name to him. Meanwhile, the Gael villagers return from their hunting trip lead by the tribe's First Warrior, Arthur, Riannon's older brother. When he learns on what happen to his sister from the children, Arthur leads a small taskforce to rescue his sister at the Demon Lord's Tomb. By the time Arthur arrives in the tomb's inner sanctum after fighting off the Imperial soldiers guarding the tomb, Drwc and his mages have finally revived Arawn who takes the form of an Albino man and approaches Riannon.
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