Tears to Tiara 1x15


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Feeling the threat of the Empire, the Gaels venture into the forest to head them off before they have a chance to make the first attack. As they ventured deeper, Arawn and Ogam realize that the area is enchanted with the power Gravitas (God's Gravity). Soon, they stop because a swamp is blocking their path. From the water rose their slain Gael comrades who were turned into "the living dead" by Creon's use of the Urn of Hell. Swords and arrows were completely useless against them, and Llyr and Rathty were growing weaker because of Gravitas' effects on elves. Ogam concludes that the living dead are similar to the enemies deployed in the great ancient battle who tortured the elves. He proposes to use his Fire of Genesis to defeat them but Arawn stops him because he deems there was no need to use such power against lowly foes. Arawn then uses a divine spell and calls upon Candidus, obliterating the enemy immediately. As a result, he has been purified and appears pure white, similar to what he "looked like in the past". Also, the spell has left Arawn weak with burns on his body. The white light Arthur sees returned the memory of his father being killed by a pure white being who called himself "Arawn". In a fit of rage that possesses him, Arthur stabs Arawn in order to fulfill a promise he made to kill the one who slayed his father. Arawn is left unconscious by his injury, and Arthur flees full of shame and guilt. The entire incident is reported to Gaius as he prepares to launch a full-scale invasion of Albion.
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