Tears to Tiara 1x16

The Reason to Fight

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Arthur wanders in grief and guilt, horrified at his deed. Gaius attacks Avalon, but the Gaels are too disraught, as Arawn is in a coma, and Arthur has run off after stabbing him. Gaius thinks it will be an easy victory. However, Riannon talks to the warriors in the courtyard, assuring them of Arawn's recovery and Arthur's return. She then takes charge of their leadership and rouses their batle instincts. Lyr and Rathty marvel at this change in her timid nature. At the Gaels' camp, Ogam tells Morgan and Octavia, that all contact with Avalon was lost, and he suspects a trap, well-laid by the Empire. He proposes a wait of four days, and sets off to find Arthur. At Avalon, Lyr and Rathty hold off the seige towers scaling the walls. Gaius marvels at Riannon's resolve. At an old shrine, Arthur find Ogam and thinks that he is there to punish him, but Ogam tells him of his sorrow when the Second Moon fell from the sky and destoyed his homeland. He claims to be a dragon, but Arthur disbelieves him. He says he hates the enemy and that is his reason to fight, and he puts the question to Arthur. Ogam tells him he is too bound to his vow and has deserted his companions, hence losing the right to lead them. Arthur is confused, and Ogam tells him to go to "Gorsedd Arawn" or Arawn's throne to find the answer. Meanwhile, Morgan and Octavia set out alone for Avalon, fed up of waiting. The guardian boar demons attack the shrine as Arthur struggles with his doubt. In battle, he calls out Arawn's name, and realizes that Arawn was a true friend to him. He is then cleared of all doubts. At that point, an Electrum Golem stored in the shrine attacks them, and Ogam transforms to his real form - a blue dragon - and fights it to let Arthur escape. Arthur sets out for the Brigantes tribe forest.
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