Tears to Tiara 1x17

For the Sake of Friends

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On the third day the battle grows hotter. Riannon swears an oath on the scarf she gave to Arawn, to protect him with her life. Arawn has healed, but hasnt woken up. He sees first Myrndill, then Pwyll and Primula in his dreams. They all show him the valour with which his comrades are fighting to defend his city, Avalon. Both Pwyll and Primula assure him their deaths were not his fault. Gaius's seige towers keep proving innefective, as Lyr and Rathty have now got Morgan and Octavia to help them. He then launches the battering ram, after gainng control of the drawbridge. Riannon draws everybody back to the inner city walls to continue the defence. The battering ram breaks through the main door, and Gaius attacks in full force.
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