Tears to Tiara 1x2

People of the Covenant

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Arthur tries attack Drwc but can't since he has his sister under his control. Unknown to both of them, Arawn has dived into Riannon's subconscious and releases her from Drwc's spell. Drwc orders Arawn to kill Arthur but he kills Drwc instead. Despite rescuing his sister, Arthur doesn't trust Arwan since he's the Demon Lord and fights him. To prevent both of them from killing each other, Riannon wraps her red scarf around Arwan and by her tribe's traditions, she has chosen Arwan as her husband and Chief of the Gael Tribe. Arthur is shocked by her sister's decision but has no choice to accept it since as the First Warrior, he is honor bound to serve the Chief of the tribe. As Skeleton Warriors start to emerge, the three of them try to escape until they meet an old man named Ogam, who both Arthur and Arwan know, who leads them to exit with the rest of the taskforce. Knowing there will be repercussion if the Empire knew about Drwc's fate, Arthur rallies his people for the upcoming war against the Empire. Somewhere in the Empire, General Gaius of the Imperial Army has learn on what the Gaels did to Drwc and must now crush the Gael's rebellion.
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