Tears to Tiara 1x22


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As Arawn and Ogam head towards Palladium with the rest of the tribe and their allies, Arthur along with Riannon, Octavia and the elves attempt to retrieve Dyrnwyn who is capable of killing a god, the brother sword to Arawn's. Upon touching the sword, Arthur is shown a flash back of Arawn's meeting with Pwyll and how Dyrnwyn came into the elf king's possession. While watching the scene, Golems begin to surround them and the group, bar Arthur, attempt to hold them back. After the scene of King Pwyll and Arawn's meeting, he is shown Arawn who was nearly killed at the final battle and how both he and Pwyll used Dyrnwyn to seal the world off from the Heavens before Arawn had to be put to sleep to recover. Learning the truth of the world, Arthur manages to draw Dyrnwyn, ala sword in the stone style, whereby the entire area is encapsulated in a blinding white light. Dyrnwyn changes colour to its former glory and all of the Golems disintegrate. The group now head towards Palladium to rejoin their friends.
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