Tears to Tiara 1x24


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As Arawn and Ogam make their way to the source of Gravitas, Arthur and the others continue to hold the upper hand against the enemy. Right as victory seems apparent, an increase in the amount of Gravitas quickly turns the tide of the battle. With things going downhill fast, Ogam prepares to use the Flames of Creation to stop the spell even at the cost of his life. As he does so, Etlym and Dyrnwyn resonate, renewing their strength. Ogam destroys the Obelisk's tip, stopping the flow of Gravitas. As a result, Rathty and Llyr destroy the Cauldron of Rebirth, destroying the Golems, allowing Morgan and Octavia to kill Creon, Mayor of Londinium, and a servant of the White Spirits. Drwc is killed by Arthur, and the group reunite at the Palladium's top, the Garden of the Sky. There they are shocked to see the Emperor's corpse, and Arawn is horrified to see the Angel Lector before them.
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