Tears to Tiara 1x3


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As the the Gael's prepared to leave for Albion, Arawn is attacked by a girl with a bow and dagger named Morgan, which he easily subdues her. It turns out Arthur had assigned Morgan to prepared the ship to Albion but it was captured by Imperial soldiers, in order to save her honor, she tried to kill Arawn so would died honorably in battle. While both Arthur and Morgan wants to be punish for their failure, Arawn has no interest but Arthur is worried about setting a bad example for the others, Arawn proposes that, since Morgan lost a duel to him, he’ll take custody of her, effectively making her his "second wife". As Arawn leads the tribe to take over the ship and escape, he is confronted by Gaius himself who wants to confirmed that Arwan is the Demon lord himself. After revealing his reason for fighting the Empire, Arawn tries to escape into the ship but Gaius throws a dagger at him which he easily blocks. However, the dagger that hit him was made of electrum, the same material that killed Arawn a thousand years ago. As Ogam heals his wound, he reveals that the Empire came to be after a bloody civil war that ended the Albion kingdom when no heir was chosen after the King Pwyll died. Later that night Arthur has a duel with Arwan which Arwan beats him. Arthur admits that he's not fighting in the duel as the First warrior but as Riannon's brother as he wanted to know that his sister made the right choice of choosing him as her husband which Arwan promises him he will treat her well. As sunset arrives the ship has finally reach Albion.
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