Tears to Tiara 1x5


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Gaius decides to head to Londinium. At night, Arawn and Ogam discuss the possibility of the Empire catching on to them and how they do not have a proper defense or weaponry yet. In Avalon, Epona is polishing sword while Limwris and Ermin prepare dinner. Riannon decides to use Gael pots again, much to the displeasure of Ermin. Arthur drags Arawn on another hunting trip but find that they can not hunt as they are on another tribe's hunting territory. At dinner, Morgan becomes drunk and challenges Arthur for the title of First Warrior. Arawn permits the duel, and the drunken Morgan attacks Arthur. The duel is stopped when everyone hears the sound of a lyre. A minstrel named Taliesin comes out of the forest and plays a song for them. After revealing he knows they are of the Gael tribe, he leaves after telling them they are in the territory of the Brigante tribe. Gaius arrives in Londinium as Arawn and the Gaels go to Londinium for sight seeing. There, Gaius waits for their arrival. The Gaels ambush two soldiers carrying good bounf for the front lines. The gaels take the horses and goods as Gaius and his men watch. After defeating a man of Gaius', the carts are revealed to be a trap as they all contain sand. The Gaels decide to pull back. At night Arawn sees Arthur pracitcing with his sword. In the morning, the group go hunting, and after Morgan uses the crab flute, a humanoid girl rises out of the water and comes toward them.
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