Tears to Tiara 1x7


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Arthur is seen training the Gael warriors, but Morgan sick of their excessive training is moping around in the kitchen with Limwris. Llyr also comes in feeling bad at how she can't milk a cow. Limwris suggests going to see the tournament in Londinium. After Morgan expresses this to Arawn, he tries to refuse on the basis the empire will be there. But both Arthur and Ogam side with Morgan he reluctantly agrees. Morgan hopes to find an item called the red branch by going to Londinium (something important to her) The group arrive in Londinium and are seen in a busy street (all the crowds coming to watch the tournament), Epona is seen selling merchandise. The group arrive at the coliseum to watch the tournament. The first round is a miner elf Rathty vs an Ogre, despite looking child like in appearance Rathty easily beats the Ogre.The mayor of Londinium who had stakes that the ogre would win decides to kick Rathty out on the basis of being a child (Rathty escapes their grasp). Arawn confronts Rathty and finds out Rathty joined the tournament for the grand prize ( Silvanus Steel) and Arthus offers for Rathty to join them. The next round is Octavia vs Bubulcus , Though Ocatvia beats him easily Bubulcus cheats by sending in a group of chariots with archers. Morgan who can't stand the site of this aids Ocatvia. After the match Morgan accidentally lets slip she's from the Gael tribe though for helping her Ocatvia says she will pretend she heard nothing. The final scene Rathty follows the group and after finding out Arawn is the demon king joins the group officially.
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