Tears to Tiara 1x9


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Lidia finds a bounded Octavia trapped in a box as she is to be sent to a mine as punishment by the Empire for insubordination against her superior and finding about the corpses. Lidia has a love/hate obsession with Octavia ever since she beaten her when they were young and she is angry she can not do anything against her. Meanwhile, the Gaels have come to the Imperial base to steal their supplies as payback. While sneaking into the base, Arwan finds two interesting boxes: one containing corpses, the other a tied up Octavia, which he tries to ignore. When the Imperial's learn of their presence, Arthur and Arwan distract the soldiers while Riannon and the rest escape with the supplies. By the time Lidia has come back to the base, it is already on fire and the theives have escaped.
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